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Frequently Asked Questions

Can My Title Company Handle The Closing?
Yes, Greenvue Title & Escrow for all parties involved -  collecting necessary documents, insuring adherence to the leader’s title instructions, making arrangements for proper payment and distribution of funds. We are fully prepared to work with you from the beginning of your transaction all the way through to conclusion.

Do I need Title insurance?
Most definitely! Title insurance is a means of protection yourself from financial loss in the event that problems develop regarding the rights to ownership of your property. There may be hidden title defects that even the most careful title search will not reveal. In addition to protection from financial loss, title insurance pays the cost of defending against any covered claim.

But the Lender Already Requires Title Insurance. Won’t That Protect Me?
Not necessarily. There are two types of title insurance. A lender’s Policy insures that your lender has a valid lien on the property. Most lenders require this type of insurance, and typically require the borrower to pay for it. An Owner’s Policy, on the other hand, protects your interest in the property. Title troubles, such as improper estate proceedings or pending legal action, could put your equity at serious risk. If a valid claim is filed, in addition to financial loss up to the face amount of the policy, your owner’s title policy covers the cost of legal defense.

Should I Shop Around For The Best Deal Title Insurance Deal?
Yes, it pays to investigate your options carefully in order to obtain the most complete coverage. You also want to work with a title insurer that responds readily to your needs.